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Cage remains in storage

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Mixed martial arts and boxing require large areas to set up regulation sized equipment. Unfortunately, Yellowknife does not appear to have any affordable options for combat sport promoters and trainers in the area to permanently make facilities available to public.

Currently, in addition to the MMA cage, there is a 20 by 20 foot boxing ring in storage in the community.

“I don’t know what to do with it,” said Chiller co promoter Darrel Oullette. “You would need to charge an arm and a leg to afford renting out a building (in which to have it permanently set up).

“You’re looking at anywhere from six to nine thousand dollars per month in rent.”

Ouellette is in the process of organizing a spring fight with King of the Cage, tentatively scheduled to happen in Yellowknife in April. Ideally, he would like to work out a building rental agreement for a few months prior to the event to allow Northern MMA fighters to properly train with the cage.

“We are hoping for an abundance of Yk and NWT fighters,” said Ouellette.

John Stanley, owner of The Martial Centre, recognizes the need for local MMA fighters to practise with a cage as there are specific techniques to get free when a fighter is pinned by their opponent; it also just helps to know the feeling of being pressed against steel caging, so one is used to it cheap jerseys when fight day arrives.

Stanley is in the process of installing a half cage (15 by 15 feet) in the dojo side of his facility. Of the 155 members of The Martial Centre, there are currently only about four or five who fight MMA.

Lorne Dempster, who helped ensure the September fight card in Yellowknife was successful, knows all about training without equipment.

“Donny Bryan and I used to box on the floor with make shift posts and no ropes,” said Dempster.

“Northern kids are at a disadvantage; they need to know how to use the ropes and corners.”

A prospective second King of the Cage fight card in the coming year, and the installation of an MMA half cage at The Martial Centre are indicators progress is being made to advance fighting sports in the NWT, though, according to Ouellette, it’s still “not a great money maker like (it is) down south.”

Ouelette and Dempster remain optimistic that eventually both the boxing ring and full MMA cage will find a home and be available for fighters to use, but until that time comes both remain in storage and unused.

03 Haz

cage for a hockey helmet

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Mohawk distributed o cages in the past, still up on their site, it is closer than maxlax or proboss to you, because they are based in cornwall.

Or, Itech makes a cat eye mask in white that is like the old school tom marechek/glenn healy style. Those are available at most source for sports, and I know for sure in the source for sports in Hull called duguay or something like that. They are a little cheaper, and have good vision and if you mount them away from your face a bit like a football cage, it works. But my best suggestion is to call mohawk as they have sold cages in the past. Its intended to go on the fancy goalie helmets, but it work on a regular helmet, I think, just mount it like an O and its fine. I think if I mounted it just right, though, it could keep a lax stick head out.

We talk about a trade/buy for yours next time I see you. I might even be able to find an old Cooper SK2000 to bolt the Marachek special onto!

As for the really old, stupid stuff I been cheap jerseys looking for one of those Cooper things forever. Sadly, Cooper got out of the hockey/lacrosse market years ago, so it e bay or nothing to find one of those.

Recently, I actually had a great opportunity to buy something even dumber than the Cooper ever see video of 1970s boxlaX with those football style T bar masks?

Someone harvested a bunch of those off of a batch of Bike football helmets. I was willing to go $30, but he wanted $50. I decided since I never actually wear it, that $50 was way too steep.

03 Haz

Cafes and Bars Businesses

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