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Soccer Nutrition

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Soccer Nutrition

Soccer Nutrition ?Introduction

Think of an average human抯 body as a small manufacturing shop. It doesn抰 require a lot of prime materials, but it also fails to perform spectacularly. If a normal human抯 body is a manufacturing shop, an athlete抯 gardenscapes cheats tool body is a state-of-the-art factory that can produce outstanding performances, but also requires wagons of prime material.

Your goal as a soccer player is to get that factory of yours running at maximum performance but it will also be your role to provide it with the right (and the right amount of) prime materials. This is where soccer nutrition comes into play and if you follow me into the article below, I抣l provide you with some of the most important information regarding what you should eat and when you should eat it.

Soccer Nutrition ?Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks of life and they抮e the ones responsible for muscular growth. As a soccer player, muscular growth should be of paramount importance, so your soccer diet will have to contain a lot of proteins. Proteins usually come from animal products, such as eggs, milk or meat, but they can also be found in soya, lettuce and a few other specific veggies.

Soccer Nutrition ?Carbohydrates

The carbohydrates are your body抯 fuel source and just like a car needs gas to function properly, so does your body need carbohydrates for each and every one of its functions.

Every movement that you do eats up a little of this carbohydrate fuel卪ove your hand to scratch your head, you lost some carbs卥nock on the door厃ou lost some carbs卐ven when we blink we lose a couple of carbohydrates; you can imagine the amount of fuel needed in a soccer match then. But carbohydrates aren抰 just energy boosters, they抮e love here also part of a great deal of bodily functions, such as the immune system, blood clotting, muscle growth and development.

Soccer Nutrition ?Pre Game and Post Game Soccer Diets

The issue regarding pre-game and post-game meals is very debated, mainly because the Internet is crammed with a lot of misleading information on the subject. Generally, your performance in a game will be determined by what you eat starting with 2-3 days before the match day and the last meal you take a few hours before the game starts. It抯 a good idea to fallout shelter hack eat carbohydrate-rich food a few days prior to the game and you can also get a rich carb snack 3-4 hours before the match begins.

You抣l also want to look for foods that have a low glycemic index (low GI) prior to the match, as they are proven to extend your endurance and effort capabilities for a short period of time. Just make sure that the low GI food you eat pre match are not also high fibred, as dense fiber is absorbed harder by the body and that food will just dangle around in your belly while you run. So a good pre-match soccer diet should contain:

– Low GI foods

– High Carbohydrate foods

– No high-fiber foods

After the game is over, the extensive effort will have you weakened and your muscles will be very vulnerable, since you used up all the carbohydrates in them. That抯 why a rich carbohydrate meal is essential after a match. Studies suggest that the body is better at absorbing these carbohydrates and other nutrients from food 1 to 2 hours after prolonged effort.

High GI foods will also help you recover your muscles faster and you won抰 feel tired and beat down all day long, as the carbs and glycemin from your post game meal will work towards getting you back to your feet.

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Kkeeping Outsourcing Is An Emerging Phenomenon

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As the world passes through a recession-ridden phase there has been some drastic changes in the way big Companies carry on with their businesses. The structure and nature of each business might vary, but the accounting department is one area that has always been placed on a separate pedestal. This particular department retains importance as one of the most vital section in an organization. It is vested with the power to determine the financial aspects and the concurrent implications of such decisions on the Company. Finance people are generally considered to be well-versed in the multifarious matters related to accounting as well as financial planning.

As this department assumes a greater importance there is a general feeling that people working on finance related areas are talented and highly efficient. But given the click this game website current economic scenario, businesses are increasingly finding it worthwhile to go for bookkeeping assistance from some outside bookkeeping share our website firm. There has been a drastic increase in the expenses related to hiring subwaysurfershackcheatss such people and it is a considerable drain on the Company resources. All these circumstances have given way to Companies resorting to methods like outsourcing their accounting services to some reputed bookkeeping firms.

In outsourcing, one Company is hiring another firm to keep tab on its bookkeeping functions and other Company transactions. In a way, you are sharing the responsibility of the up-keep of your financial data to an outside company that specializes in bookkeeping, instead of having the Company staff do the job. With this practice gaining acceptance, a lot many Companies have been able to cut down on their costs in a substantial manner. Though many Companies are a little bit wary of third party misuse of the financial information, many are going with the trend.

A lot of Companies have been outsourcing their work for quite some time, but it seems to be a new thing for some people. As the number of Companies following this practice is on the rise, there has to be some sense in doing it. Reasons abound for Companies outsourcing their bookkeeping tasks, and when the organisations outsource their activities, the cost associated with that gets reduced substantially. And, the organisation saves a lot in terms of expenses related to administration activities since the activities are performed in house. The Company does not have to bother about giving higher remuneration for a work, which can otherwise be carried out at much lesser cost.

So, if you want to reap the full benefits of bookkeeping outsourcing, it would be prudent to choose a well established bookkeeping firm that has got sufficient experience and qualified bookkeepers to handle different types of accounts. Each and every organization that wants to re-invent itself is looking for bookkeeping assistance from some service provider in order to keep pace with the changing strategies in today’s competitive world. A sensible strategy for small scale businesses would be to hire the expertise of a bookkeeper and the analytical skills of a CPA.

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Is Your Memory Loss “Normal” or Is There a Problem?

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Experts say some memory lapses are actually normal. So before you go diagnosing yourself with Alzheimer’s disease, take heart. It is said that memory loss is the second thing that occurs as you age. So what’s the first? Umm, I forgot! Actually, by the time you reach the end of this story, 8 ball pool hack cheats tool you may remember only a fraction of it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
Mild memory loss is perfectly normal, especially as we age. It has happened to all of us at one time or another; You draw a complete blank when introducing a new acquaintance. You leave the house with food bubbling on the stove. You forget to pick up your child from after-school practice. You forget a doctor’s appointment, a birthday, an anniversary. Oh – and let’s not forget the all-too-often search for car keys.
If you sometimes forget simple things, you’re not necessarily developing Alzheimer’s disease. There are many people like yourself walking around who occasionally misplace their keys, who can’t recall the name of one new person they met at their last office party, and have that “deer-in-the-headlights” look when searching for their car in the parking lot. There’s a reason Disney has character-themed floors coupled with the happy-go-lucky music in their parking garages.
Memory, the ability to normally recall the facts and events of our lives, takes place in three stages:
Stage 1 – Encoding: When a person takes information in.
Stage 2 – Consolidation: When the brain takes the encoded information and processes it, storing it in certain areas of the brain.
Stage 3 – Retrieval:. When someone recalls stored information in the brain.
For a layman, differentiating between normal memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease can be puzzling because the kind of memory that is affected in everyday situations is also the kind affected in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.
Time is memory’s worst enemy. Memory loss and brain aging are a natural part of getting older. In their 50s, people will often start to report that they think their memories are going. Because they have to use more reminders or more kinds of strategies for remembering things, older adults seem to be consciously aware of their memory loss.
But even before we hit our 50s, memory loss can start to occur. Shortly after receiving information, our memory begins to deteriorate. Some information fades right away, while other things fade less quickly. There are many different forgetting curves with different rates of forgetting that depend on the nature of the material, on how important the information is to you, and how high your stress levels are.
Studies show that after some time, people probably don’t remember events as they actually happened. You may think you have a vivid memory of an experience, but memory distortion does occur. The longer the period of time that passes between an event and trying to recall it, the greater the chance people are going to have some memory distortions and forgetfulness. Occasionally, time distortion causes us to forget the event completely.
Short of Alzheimer’s disease, other causes of memory loss can include: stress and anxiety, ADHD, depression, thyroid gland diseases, diabetes, lung, liver, or kidney failure, alcoholism, Vitamin B-12 deficiency, infections, and both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Depression and stress are the most common reasons for temporary memory problems. The causes of memory loss moviestarplanet hack no download from many of these conditions are normally reversible.
No matter how “normal” memory lapses may be, that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. Experts agree that the best way to keep your brain fit is to keep using it. Four things that slow down brain aging include: mental activity, physical fitness, stress reduction, and a healthy diet. Those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other conditions increase their risk for small strokes in the brain. Also antioxidants help protect brain cells and exercise helps with overall health.
The most important things to help extend and maintain your cognitive abilities for a longer period of time include staying intellectually and socially engaged. Also by challenging yourself by learning new things, reading, and taking up hobbies keep the brain active and strong for the long haul.
Some other things you can do to improve memory include: Focusing your attention on the task at hand. Multitasking and not paying attention are two of the biggest causes of forgetfulness. Reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, organize yourself by writing things down or using date books.
When should you see a doctor? Research shows that up to half of people over age 50 have mild forgetfulness linked to age-associated memory impairment. But there are signs when more serious memory conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, are happening. While there is no definitive way to pinpoint Alzheimer’s, there are some diagnostic ways doctors distinguish normal memory loss from that which should raise concern. Normal forgetfulness can include: forgetting where you parked your car, forgetting a person’s name, but can recall it later, or forgetting events from your past. More serious symptoms and possible problems of forgetfulness include: recalling recent events, how to drive a car, forgetting to have ever known a particular person, confusion, and loss of function.
Many doctors feel simcity buildit cheat that if you are worried about your memory, the problem probably isn’t that serious. However you should consult a doctor when your relatives or friends express concerns about your memory loss.

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Dissertation guidance premium specialty dissertation authoring products for phd, thesis, relief dissertation necessitates

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Our company is a whole lot more very affordable than other advisors providing dissertation can help. Our company offers zero cost in-level consultation services with potential customers, in order that it is possible to insurance quote you correctly for ones guidance that you might want for a dissertation. You have to pay for good results, not for time.
This site offers customized, in depth, and pleasant help and support when and during your assessment around, by using cell phone or e mail. We don’t take into consideration our job carried out until such time as your job is okayed, and you simply are entirely comfortable with the work. We think of our selves that need to be course instructors but not doers, and definitely like the experience of enabling a doctorate selection within the dissertation treatment. We take pride in our capability clarify confusing thoughts in research and qualitative approaches inside of a easy-to-follow way, while having been introduced by a number of committees due to this. We provide you with super-effective turnaround instances, and in most cases seek advice from buyers that have an amazing item of do the trick owing within 4-5 venture hours. We also have the capacity to employment after only extremely exacting timeframes, if needed.

Dissertation around the internet help to and service for generating a dissertation, tailor made dissertation producing assistance with superior writers

We’ve worked with several teachers and youngsters from on the web colleges and universities, and traditionally spare our clients thousands of dollars in course rates and decreased phrases.

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5 Golden Rules Governing Short Term Rentals in Dubai

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Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East has quite the fan following among tourists that fly down in droves, year after year. love this website They come for the Dubai Shopping Festival that has earned a name for being the best place for shopping deals on the planet. They come for the jaw-dropping hospitality and leisure opportunities that are a part of this bustling megapolis. Some drop in to enjoy the desert sands, others to enjoy the beachfront action.

Whatever the reason may be, Dubai does offer a little something to everyone. That little something often proves to be sufficient for many tourists to have an extended stay that could range from a week to a couple of months. In such instances, although there are a wide variety of hospitality options, there are people who prefer to opt for short term rentals in Dubai.

The Real Estate and Regulatory Agency (RERA) seeks to protect the interests of all parties concerned i.e. the Landlord, the renters and the community in general. To this effect, there are laws in place stipulating the registration of the land deeds and rental agreements with RERA. This is especially helpful in resolving any disputes between landlords and renters, should they arise for any reason whatsoever.

There are plenty of sources, in both, online as well as brick-and-mortar form where one can inquire about holiday apartments in Dubai. However, care must be taken to ensure that all property dealings must be made through a broker or agent that is duly registered with the authorities. There are multiple guidelines and rules governing the whole rental experiences that have been collated below:

?It had come to notice that some unscrupulous landlords were hiking rentals for existing tenants in an arbitrary manner. However, RERA has limited the rental hike love this website to a maximum of 5% of the existing rental amount. This limited hike is in force for a period of 2 years from the initial signing of the rental agreement

?Advance payment of rentals is permitted. The same may be paid off in quarterly instalments. The terms and conditions may be changed as per those reflected in the rental agreement drawn between the landlord and the tenant

?Every aspect of the residential rental activity can only be offered if the agent in question has a valid license for the same from the Department of Economic Development (DED). These may range from finding suitable accommodation to the execution of the Rent Contracts and offer of property management services

?Service fees payable to the agent are set at 5% of the annual rent payable as per the agreement. The same must be paid upon signing of the contract

?Although an expensive proposition, those in the market for short term rental apartments in Dubai must only do so through agents with exclusive access to licenses that permit them the same. Failure to do so may not only lead to a loss of rental money but also leave visitors with no recourse to any legal safeguards

Although the rules may seem awkward and cumbersome at first, visitors must remember that they have been put into place keeping their best interests in mind. It is therefore advisable to avoid the tantalizing offers by fly-by-night and unregistered agents when dealing with Dubai properties for rent.

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Japanese Auto

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Some travelers are getting creative with airfare; a TripAdvisor air travel survey found that 43% of travelers booked a connecting flight to stay within budget. At least they’re still flying. Airways(LCC) and the discount carriers have tried 12 broad fare hikes in the past four months, with seven actually sticking.

Decide when you wish to go and consider the hotels you want to stay. Contact them and ask for discounts if it is off seasons. Stay for more than two nights cheap nhl jerseys at the same hotel to enjoy discount price. In this Friday, April 28, 2017, photo, student Cosette Meyer wires one of the houses that she and other University of Texas at Arlington architecture students are working on for their senior design projects, in Arlington, Texas. The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports the architecture majors are building structures they designed that can pack a complete living environment into less than 400 square feet. (Paul Moseley/Star Telegram via AP) less.

Biff, I with you 100% on the jet skis and other bloody racket making contraptions serving as entertainment on the water. Not to even mention the catastrophic environmental hazards they represent with their filthy hobby. This should be Minister Phillips next project post haste, while there still something left to save!.

This is the second major improvement in the past year to the daily commute for thousands of folks who live in Lake Stevens, Snohomish and points cheap football jerseys east. In 2008, work was completed on the widening of I 5 through Everett, which removed a major choke point at the southbound freeway entrance from the westbound trestle. Typical mornings have seen a smooth traffic flow across the span ever since..

Hybrid environments and hybrid cloud will emerge the winner for these workloads. They the perfect match for IoT because of its multi purpose, multi layered construction that gives you high performance, but also scalability. IoT will push more hybrid adoption than ever before.

Global oat harvests have boosted supplies of the grain, wholesale jerseys alongside abundant corn, wheat and soybeans. An old trader’s adage is “corn follows oats,” a warning sign that corn prices could have even farther to fall. Back in 2005, the last time that oats were at the current price, corn fetched under $2 per bushel, a far cry from Friday’s value of $3.38..

He said they buy these appliances from stores like Target, Costco, Walmart, etc. Fitzgerald said cheap china jerseys they can’t put them on their shelves because their boxes were too beat up in transport, or they were refunds. So, he turns around and sells portable air conditioner window units and evaporative coolers for 30 to 70 percent off.

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Erotic Hypnosis — What is it Good For?

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The term Erotic Hypnosis invokes mystery and allure, a tantalizing combination of words that sounds extremely exciting, and more than a little dangerous. So what is it? I use erotic hypnosis in my practice as an intimacy educator and consultant, and will outline the most common uses, then go into greater detail of what I like it for.
Hypno Domination: a subsection of BDSM where someone, usually a “HypnoDomme” exerts mind control over her subjects. Admittedly I have not experienced this beyond some appalling YouTube videos. I have no doubt that it has potential, I just have not yet seen it performed elegantly or in a way that is appealing to me.
Pick up artistry: From what I gather, this has more to do with NLP than hypnosis, and this is where people use hypnotic or language tips and techniques to manipulate women into having sex with them. In some, what I would call sociopathic cases, it involves complete seduction and emotional ownership of a target. I’ve witnessed a lot of these men. Some are skilled, others use the pick up lines taught verbatim. The thing is, there is valuable information on rapport and being engaging and social etiquette for people who are socially and romantically challenged. It is a shame that there is such a large degree of grossness involved in the sexual manipulation and misogynistic concepts behind a lot of this
Positive Erotic Hypnosis: this term may or may not have been coined by Talmadge Harper, the Hypnotist who first introduced me to the check more concept, but it instantly appealed to me. This is where hypnosis is used for sexual confidence, sexual and emotional healing, to improve performance and orgasms, and to have wonderful erotic and arousing experiences during hypnosis.
The potential of positive erotic hypnosis is tremendous, especially when it’s used with skill and with positive intent. By positive I mean for the greater good of all, and in a non manipulative fashion. I personally love to use it to increase the erotic sensitivity of body parts, and to increase sensation to the point where it is excruciatingly pleasurable. This is different than overstimulation! It is wonderful to program people to be able to orgasm from breast and nipple stimulation, and I do have a self hypnosis mp3 which does just that.
Some ideas that may not have been thought of, are to increase erotic sensation in a body which is unable to have or move in traditional ways during sex, or even to moviestarplanet cheats have sex.
Create a scenario which allows one gender to experience the other’s body.
Improve Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.
Teach a person to be able to get into a flow state and enjoy sexual experiences fully, instead of worrying about performance and other distracting issues. This is for both men and women, we think of performance as being a male issue but women worry about performing visually and often spend most of the time “acting for an observer” rather than fully participating.
Create prolonged and heightened states of ecstasy. Seriously, who needs orgasm when the ecstasy is more than the O? I believe that pleasure/connection is the point of intimacy and there should not be a rush to release the built up pirate kings hack ios pleasure and tension that play provides. Why not enjoy riding the waves for a while?
Body image improvement. We’ve all been hypnotized by popular media to know how we don’t measure up. How about some reprogramming for self love.
Back to nipple orgasms, and sensitizing body parts. It’s fun to gently stroke your partner’s wrist when you’ve made it even more erotically sensitive and connected to their genitals. Not to mention the party trick of erotically sensitizing a bald man’s head and encouraging everyone at the party to give it a rub.
Erotic hypnosis has endless applications, and I look forward to it’s increase in popularity and acceptance.

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About Canada Import Export

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Canada’s proximity to the United States has given rise to a lot of confusions. Hence it is only fair to start off by clearly stating that the Canadian market is very different from the US market and it is a completely separate economy. The country does have major connections with the US in every sphere but it also works very hard to keep itself from being influenced by what is happing in the US.

Canada as an economy is very strong and the country counted amongst the world’s wealthiest nations. It is a part of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and also the G8 alliance of nations. These important positions held by the country makes it one of the top ten trading countries. Thus it is a very active trading market and hence a good market to be around. These factors make the country a very potent market for import/export businessmen to profit from.

The country has a very high standard of living and a high per capita income. This gives its citizens the purchase power that they need to get in to higher end of products that can be demanded. Since the country is so very trade-friendly, getting the necessary permits should be easy enough for legitimate businessmen.

So once you have located a market for yourself, it is time to move in and start studying the market first hand. Then you have to analyze the niche that you will be working on to see how much potential it will hold in the near and distant future. After these crucial steps have been completed, building a business plan should be a much easier.

There are a few major industries that receive the focus in Canada. The best eletric tea kettle review power industry is one and Canada is one boom beach cheats tool the few developed countries in the world who are net exporters of power. As an exporter, your job is to connect the supply with the demand and stand in as the medium that controls the connection. So you have to find pockets that are in need of energy. These are often momentary shortages of energy, so you have to react quickly.

There have been large developments in key sectors like mining, manufacturing and service. Thus there has been a good all round growth that includes all the three major industry types – primary, secondary and tertiary. The service sector is in fact the largest in the country and it employees around three quarters of the entire workforce.

For a businessman this means that there are a lot of consumers who are just waiting for for high quality goods to be imported in to the country. As mentioned earlier, the country has a high per-capita income and hence a large portion has a high purchasing power.

As an importer thus you can choose to import items in to the service sector, the mining sector or in to the manufacturing sector. As an exporter, you can export the mined materials and manufactured items and all of it will be of a very high quality – as reflected by the countries economy.

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The Most Popular Sports in Colombia

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Colombia is among the most wonderful natural countries in South America, plus the tourism has an incredible development here. Diverse landscapes for instance tropical beaches, lush rainforests and snow-capped Andean mountains make up the geography of this country. Here you’ll find all category hotels in Colombia, from the small motels and hostels to the Luxury and SPA Colombian hotels. There are numerous activities offered for the visitors from hiking and water sports to bullfighting and football.
Here is a listing of the Most Popular Sports that you may practice in Colombia.
Bullfighting (Bogota)
The impressive check here Plaza de Toros La Santamaria is a national monument constructed in the Spanish-Moorish style where Bogota’s bullfights take place. Bullfighting season runs during January and February, but smaller fights are held throughout the year.
Ciclovias (Bogota)
During the weekends and bank holidays, a few of the main streets in the city are closed off to traffic which creates a giant cycling route. This allows the locals to come out and get some activity by cycling, jogging, rollerblading and doing just about everything else in the streets without fear of being run over. The unique route covers 81kms of city roads and passes through nine parks, in which you are able to take a rest.
Parque Central Simon Bolivar (Bogota)
This leafy and fascinating park is the largest in Bogota plus the most famous by the locals. Thousands of people come here every day to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. You’ll find lakes, woods, walking paths and biking lanes. The park also includes super mario run hack tool a large area dedicated to specific activities, which happen frequently. It’s among the perfect spots in Bogota to read here get a glimpse at local people enjoying life.
The beaches of Tayrona National Park
Tayrona is undoubtedly among Colombia’s most well-known regions, with its stunning beaches placed among deep bays and shaded by coconut palms. Many of the beaches in this protected park area have fantastic coral reefs just offshore, making for excellent snorkeling conditions. The area is full of native wildlife at the same time. To get a taste of Colombia’s untapped tropical splendor, this is the place.
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Is Botox the New Lipstick Effect?

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While the doom this website and gloom of the economic crises is creeping upward again, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for the aging boomer. Some leading edge financial pundits are finally starting to tell the truth of a downward spiral in certain sectors. One week the so-called recession is ‘getting better’ and the next, our government debt and financial situation is abysmal. Even in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, the potholes are getting deeper and there’s no one out there to fix ‘em. Unemployment rates are steadily on the incline, especially here in Hollywood. The truth of the matter is that ageism is on the rise and no signs of letting up. Another term from wiki is jeunism,
“the discrimination against older people in favor of younger ones. This includes political candidacies, commercial functions, and cultural settings where the supposed greater vitality and/or physical beauty of youth is more appreciated than the supposed greater moral and/or intellectual rigor of adulthood.”
Because of the rise in unemployment, the boomer generation is feeling the brunt of this in the workforce. The generation that coined the phrase “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” is now turning sixty. Now they “don’t trust anyone under thirty” (especially if their the ones hiring and firing.)
But now, more than ever, boomer babes are fighting back. Not content to be disregarded because of increased crows feet and brow lines, they are turning to Botox and other injectables for instant relief, mood elevation, positive energy and upliftment. Perhaps this is a result of the lipstick effect? “The Lipstick Effect” was a term coined by Leonard Lauder, of Estee Lauder fame, after the Great Depression, which saw sales of cosmetics rise in the four years from 1929 to 1933. When the economy goes into a recession or a depression, the sale of small luxuries like lipstick increases. But in 2008, annual lipstick sales actually dropped five per cent, according to Inside Cosmeceuticals, which tracks cosmetics purchases in the US and UK. Now, it seems, Americans – both men and women – are splurging on a more modern luxury: cosmetic injections.
Is Botox the new lipstick? “If 60 is the new 40, then Botox and the other [relatively] inexpensive injectable enhancements may become the new lipstick.”
The difference between today and the great depression is the advancement in technology. While lipstick was a quick fix remedy then, there are more options for instant satisfaction and relief. Some of the dwindling affluent are cutting back on most luxuries, except for their Botox addiction. It seems there is a shift in priorities. Instead of investing in yet another new designer label accoutrement, (e.g. Louis Vuitton bag or Jimmy Choo shoes) Botox has become de rigueur for the aging boomer babe.
Ahhh, to discover the secret of rejuvenation with an instant “liquid facelift’ that relaxes the stress lines, fills the cracks and plumps the lips. It’s almost a miracle for the world-weary soul battling the curse of an aging face at a time when youthfulness is de rigueur. It may sound like a band-aid to a much more complex issue; yet somehow, it all feels a little bit better. While plastic surgery is experiencing a huge downturn, piano tiles 2 hack cydia non-surgical cosmetic procedures, which include everything from chemical peels to laser hair removal, decreased by 12 percent in 2008, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. There were 2,464,123 Botox procedures in 2008 — 311,053 fewer than the year before. However, many new recruits are popping up and people who would never consider Botox are now making an allowance for injectables. Although the diehards who were flocking to the doctor’s office like clockwork, 3 times a year, may not be coming in as frequently.
Some med-spas, like Good to Great, Inc. in Westlake Village, CA (with a full-time MD on staff), rely on word of mouth for new clients. They have noticed many more newcomers seeking liquid rejuvenation treatments in this economic downturn. RN, Mary Sand remarked “people seem to be more concerned with looking youthful, especially when they’re competing in the declining workforce.” Last spring Reveal spa in Arlington’s Pentagon Row offered free line rangers hacked version Botox injections and free career counseling to the first 50 customers to come in with proof of unemployment. While most people cannot afford a liquid facelift, maybe there will be more of a trend in offering free injectables to the aging, unemployed jobseeker. (Wishful thinking!)
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