Cairns staff give students Xmas feast

The south side school was joined by 15 school resource officers from the Edmonton Police Service last Thursday to serve a hot meal to 450 students in the gymnasium. Cairns, which is a specialized school for junior and senior high students with mild cognitive disabilities.

“Everybody pitches in and it’s a great day,” says principal Bruce Miller. “We have a dance and things in the afternoon, it’s just a great celebration.”

A meal of that magnitude does not come cheap, but the school doesn’t foot the bill. Cairns’ 75 staff members.

“None of the cost comes from the school’s budget at all. It’s strictly a gift from the staff,” Miller says.

“We’ve got a really special group of kids here at the school, and the staff just like to show their appreciation.”

The cheap jerseys meal is especially important for students who might not get a Christmas feast at home.

“We have some students that come from some tougher economic backgrounds, that’s for sure,” Miller says. “So this is definitely a highlight for them.”

Students got into the Christmas spirit this month by assembling hampers for needy families, and raising more than $600 to purchase gifts for Santas Anonymous.

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