The violence which had accompanied

The violence which had accompanied American expansion onto the western plains in the previous decade was uppermost in Macdonald’s mind as he considered the problem of establishing law and order on Canada’s frontier. A series of wars with native tribes on the plains followed the rush of settlers and miners into the American West. These wars cost the United States government millions of dollars and the lives of hundreds of troops and settlers.

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Current offerings include “We Gotta Bingo” on Feb. 4 or Feb. 5 at Hennepin Stages for $34.50 (dinner included), “Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad” on Feb. This year has been a different story. Five home runs in the first week of the season quickly had teams recognizing him as one of the Northwoods League most dangerous hitters, and he done nothing since to make them think otherwise. His nine home runs were tops in the league entering Saturday, and his 36 RBIs were good for fifth to go along with his.314 batting average..

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If you are considering retiring in a foreign country (full time or as a seasonal bird investment in your overseas home can be a real bargain. Vibrant expat communities are emerging in countries throughout the world. But be prepared for that may impact your chosen surroundings.

The commodities market report informs us of the current prices of various food stuffs including but not limited to fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, eggs and dairy products. The report includes both conventionally and organically grown foods. It has only peripheral bearing on what I do since I buy directly from farmers, many of whom don’t sell their products on the commodities market and subsequently don’t base their prices on it.

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