Testseek The Ultimate Guide To Product Reviews

Testseek: The Ultimate Guide To Product Reviews

Model. Features. Benefits. Drawbacks. Prices. These are only some of the must-knows in any customer&25263; search for a product. Aside from these, he must also look for other similar products and check the features, benefits, drawbacks, and prices of each. Finding just the right product to buy is made even more tedious by the dozens of internet sites providing mountains of information on each product. Sifting through all the descriptions, reviews, and words can overwhelm any potential buyer. To further add to the work, a customer often has to go around and compare the prices from numerous stores before finding the best deals and lowest prices. Life would definitely be so much easier if all the useful information about a product were all condensed into a single product page. Testseek does just that.

Testseek is an online database with the primary goal of providing a shopping comparison guide for consumers with both expert and personal reviews of different products. It is an online consumer search engine founded in 2005 by Peter Kolqvist and Fredrik Engdahl and managed by the Swedish-based company Eddex Web Info Mining. This search engine and review aggregator comprises more than 70,000 products and 200 categories ranging from technological gadgets and electronics to home appliances and outdoor gear. Each commodity featured has expert reviews, user opinions, best prices, and an image gallery.

Expert reviews present objective evaluations from qualified individuals who have examined several products from different lines. Reviews from authorities in the relevant field are taken from magazines and over a thousand internet sites and summarized with concrete views on the good, bad, and a bottomline given on each product. A link is provided after each condensed review for customers who want to read the entire and more detailed expert review. An average is then computed from the different experts?ratings and every product given a Testseek score or TS in percentage form.

Opinions from a product&25263; current consumers are also gathered. In contrast to expert reviews, user reviews are based merely on the individual user&25263; own experience with the product. However, these opinions are based on real and actual familiarity with the product and provide the potential consumer game of war fire age cheats hack a more subjective yet more personal view of the product.

Prices at various merchandisers are then compared to present the user with the best and lowest prices available in the market. These prices are updated several times a day to ensure that customers are given current market product costs.

Pictures of the product are also displayed for the share this site prospective clients in the image gallery.

In addition to these, some products may be given editorial awards for gadgets that come out as the Best in Test or those products that are Highly Recommended by the editorial team.

The Testseek page is easily used with links to each category or product. Finding a product can be done quickly and effortlessly using the category list or the search box. The most recent reviews and most popular items are strategically placed in the homepage to facilitate product search. Each product page is arranged to give the pertinent information about the product at one glance with summarized expert reviews and user opinions and a TS score. Links gta 5 hack cheats tool to each part of the product page and to the more detailed expert review and user opinion are also placed in case the customer wants to view more information about the product.