Ten Business Security Tips

Ten Business Security Tips

Security is an important issue for businesses of all sizes. Security threats to businesses include: theft; loss; arson; burglary; vandalism; terrorism and IT threats.

All businesses, even small ones, should be insured adequately against security threats ?you should get professional advice on the coverage you require. As well as making sure you&25262;e insured, your business should also do what it can to prevent security breaches.

In fact, your insurance will usually depend on how adequately you have taken precautions to mitigate risk as far as possible. In addition, if you&25262;e not seen to be taking reasonable precautions against risks, your insurance policy may not pay out.

The exact security precautions which are effective for one business won&25264; necessarily represent game of war fire age cheats hack tool the best strategy for another. The exact security precautions you take will depend on issues such as the location of your business and whether you hold stock.

These tips will provide food for thought on business security and you can modify and adapt them to meet your needs.

1. Do you have security lighting and is it all functioning? Are doorways etc. well lit? Has indoor lighting been considered – e.g. is it on a timer or are there lights left on overnight?

2. Are your door and window locks adequate? Deadlocks are recommended? Are your doors and windows sturdy enough to prevent intrusion? Don&25264; forget about other possible entry points such as skylights and rooves.

3. Are your business assets secure? Is your property labelled and recorded. The use of asset labels is recommended. Asset labels permanently mark your business valuables with your company name, postcode and an individual number. Asset labels help you keep a record of business equipment, deter thieves and help you to track the item should it go missing. You can asset label items such as computers, printers, tools and more ?whatever property your company needs to protect.

4. Do you have a company safe? Is it in the most secure place? Do you have the correct procedures in place so that it is always kept locked?

5. Do you have an effective alarm system installed? Is it regularly tested? What procedures do you have in share this site place for when the alarm goes off?

6. Do you have a safe and working fire alarm system? Has it been tested regularly?

7. Have you considered CCTV for your business premises? If you have CCTV are the cameras in the appropriate place? Is the recorded footage stored in a systematic way?

8. How do you handle sensitive documents? Do you shred and dispose of documentation containing confidential information?

9. Have you reviewed your IT security? Do you have a system to renew passwords check more regularly? Are staff aware of internet and email policies?

10. Are your cash handling systems safe? How is cash deposited in the bank? What security is in place for cash on the premises and staff who handle it?