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Since you’re reading this, most likely you are one of the many who suffer from acne and acne scarring. You also probably have tried over the counter medications and cleansers to get rid of acne and remove acne scars. That leaves cosmetic procedures, prescription drugs and creams, or the fresh natural acne remedy industry. If you’re like most, expensive cosmetic procedures are out of the picture, leaving you to debate between natural acne treatments and prescription medications.

Arriving at an acne removal regimen sometimes takes several misses before arriving at a hit. In addition, reviewing your skin type and how it has reacted in the past will help you narrow in on the best treatment for you.

Finally, it is crucial to be aware of the possible side effects for the different types of treatments offered.

Prescription Treatments


When over the counter options stop working, dermatologists might begin your prescription treatment with a retinoid based topical cream or gel. Typically a derivative of vitamin A, retinoids refer to the group of compounds that trigger the switches of retinoid receptors, which when activated, smooth fine lines, diminish pore size, discourage sebum production and reduce sebaceous gland size.

Side effects of retinoids include dryness and skin sensitivity, especially to UV rays. Sun block is an essential step if treating with retinoids.

Oral retinoid treatment includes isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is usually only prescribed as a last resort because its side effects are extreme: worsened state of acne, dry skin and peeling and babies born with severe birth defects.


Some dermatologists might choose to prescribe antibiotics after over the counter products have failed; antibiotics can typically solve most degrees of acne, even some of the most severe. Antibiotics taken orally should be avoided if possible as they kill all forms of bacteria, even the helpful kind, while requiring you to continue with the regimen for long periods of time. Oral antibiotics disrupt the general balance of bacteria and can lead to vaginal yeast infections in women, especially those already prone to them.

Oral Contraceptives

As hormone imbalance is a chief contributor to the appearance of acne, oral contraceptives can help women with their acne. Androgens, or the sex hormones, increase sebaceous gland activity, which therefore produces more pore-blocking sebum. By regulating hormones with birth control pills, one can keep sebaceous gland activity normalized. Hormone intake might be related to cancer but, due to a lack of longitudinal studies, research is still inconclusive.

Natural Solutions

Natural remedies obviously offer positive benefits, including gentle efficacy, affordability, and lack of side effects.

In order to effectively treat your acne with products from Mother Nature, be sure to do your homework on the different natural ingredients and their uses.

Every day new oils, vitamins, herbs and serums are popping up as acne remedies in the natural treatment market. To stay up to date, try subscribing to RSS feeds related to diet, acne and natural products.

Treating Acne Scars

Obviously, the first step in acne scar removal is prevention of acne with an effective acne treatment. By preventing acne breakouts, acne scarring won’t ever have the cooking fever cheats for iphone chance to form.

Acne scars have a distinctive look from those you might have on your knees and elbows from falling down. When sebaceous glands are hyperactive, the follicular walls as well as the dermis are injured by sebum. The body’s inflammatory response to this deep injury often ignores the needs of the healthy skin structures nearby and actually damages them in the process. In the process read here of surrounding the infection, white blood cells release chemicals that damage collagen, the main component of the dermis that lends the skin strength and structure. Harm to collagen leads to the valleys in the skin that we know as ice pick, rolling and/or boxcar scars.

It is troublesome to remove acne scars because the dermal layer has been damaged and is physically missing collagen. Some cosmetic procedures include excision for those where scar tissue is tethered down to the dermal layer of skin and injections to try and float up the depressions. Current acne scar removal research is delving into skin regeneration to eliminate acne scars. The most exciting findings are actually being found in biological ingredients.

The latest developments in the world of natural treatment include the special serum secreted by the Helix Aspersa Muller, or common ground snail. This serum effectively treats those pesky pimples by getting to the root cause of acne. It promotes skin regeneration, dissolves excess skin with enzymes and manages the body’s often overzealous inflammatory response. It is available to treat severe Check our website forms of acne, even cystic and back acne, with its powerful team of sebum inhibiting and antimicrobial natural ingredients. Be 100% confident with natural acne control.

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