The Most Unique Baraat Ideas

Have Callouts and Banners in the Baaraat
Check out the fun streamers and pop art posters in this baaraat. Makes for some seriously fun pictures and adds a whole lot of masti.
Innovative Modes of transport
This groom also made quite an entrance in a scooty with an attached sidekick. We would love to see read more grooms on bikes by the way.
DJ Vans With Baraats
Checkout this insane baraat with a van that moved alongside. The van was a “DJ Van” and the as the guy belted out tunes , the baraatis went crazy dancing to the beat. Its more or less like a live orchestra.
Women Wearing Safas
LOVE this new trend of women also donning safas for the baraat. It looks adorable and makes for some seriously knockout pictures.
Label Your Ride
Your guy squad yu gi oh duel links cheats should have a name .
Cold Pyros
If you like to make a big entrance, don’t rule our sending out sparkling Check our website cold pyros during your entry.

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