perfect condition

The shipping was quicker than i expected (about a week) and it arrived in perfect condition. It came with instructions and a screw, the instructions basically tell you how to install a lacrosse head on the shaft without spliting the wood. The quality is excellent, I am a very aggressive middie and i used it for a season and 2 off seasons and there is only one minor dent (about the thickness of a nickle).

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As is usually the cheap jerseys case between claims and reality, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and the truth is, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s are superior to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in several ways, some of them meaningful and others not so much. More importantly for owners of older iPhone devices, like the iPhone wholesale jerseys 5s, these latest handsets are worthy upgrades if you’re wanting to stay in the iOS ecosystem. There are even some unique feature that might entice Android users to hop over the train tracks, such as 3D Touch and Live Photos..

While some consumers have gone for big SUVs and pickups, the real strength of wholesale jerseys the market continues to be smaller sport utility vehicles like the Cherokee and Honda CR V. Sales of these car based SUVs often called “cute utes” grew almost 14 percent through November in a market that is up 5.4 percent. Honda’s CR V leads the segment with 302,650 sales through November, up 10 percent.

“Right now we’re in a good spot but we know how quickly it can change,” said Letestu. “A bad week or two and you’re on the outside looking in. There is satisfaction with where we are, but we’re Cheap nfl Jerseys not content with it we know where we want to go and the work that has to go in to get there.”.

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