the Matrix as a modern

This is an interesting video that examines the movie the Matrix as a modern allegory with essentially the same message as that of Plato famous allegory of the cave. The question raised is about the limits of knowledge, of what we can be sure of. Can we trust what our senses and our perceptions tell us? Plato obviously thought that it was only in the realm of pure reason that one could discern truth, or more precisely the pure forms or ideas among which the immortal soul lived before being implanted in the body.

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“We have been fortunate to serve as an opener for Tesla in Indy and on multiple shows for REO Speedwagon. During the recording of the new album we created this barroom style tune that had a very jangly guitar tone to it. We felt like it called for slide guitar and piano so we decided to reach out to both Frank and Neal who graciously obliged; of which we are most appreciative,” Easthills member Hank Campbell said in a news release.

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